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in this vlog david finally stops playing games and try to fix my car and is it just me or dose he look like @SmurfinWRX lol let me know in the comments what you think 

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enough said am back and a better 

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this vlog is about me getting my new sony a6300 and going to a local artist showcase 

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This is the The second of many "A Day In The Life...." series this one is with lealulitook from Broward County FL he's a primary a recording artist on here he talked about everything from hate messages to his parents not supporting him to investing money to making music for the "misunderstood / awkward souls" check out some of is music to see for yourself what exactly he means 


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liltwinKontraban - Dope Dealer (Troy Ave Diss) (Official Music Video)

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this vlog is about me going to orlando to study from a director in my area his name is jaylenz check his channel out 
learned a lot also had a little fun we stayed in a mansion 8 bedroom a in home movie theater pool gym view meet some dope people and learned ALOT 

This is the the first of many "A Day In The Life...." series this one is with YCimaging from VA he's a primary a music video director on here he talked about everything from dropping out of high school to filming tips to getting shot check out his channel at

In this vlog i went to do some BTS and a interview with YC make sure to check his channel out he came down to miami and am only a hour away from there so i pulled up stay tuned for "A Day In The Life with.. coming to this channel tomorrow the artist is Tcrook$ from Virgina make sure to check him out as well he did his music video for his new hit anyway on a yacht on south beach search his name up iTunes sound cloud spinrilla EVERYTHING but all in all it was real dope had a good time not to mention YC showed me a few tricks lol 

this vlog is a on me going to this new studio called "fresh studios" in sunrise florida and meeting with sean j and don dollarz and just started recording and this is what came out out it lol the song is called "MADE FOR" it is unreleased at the moment will be out shortly so be in the look out 

this vlog is about me starting off by washing my car then i go to get something to eat a local Peruvian restaurant then i went to barnes and nobles like i do EVERY Friday and this marked one year since one of my friends lost his mother so everybody that used to go to her house stopped by her old house to leave flowers and light candles

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this vlog is about me showing my daily routine starting off with a milkshake to editing videos then  helping a friend with editing his video a little better at starbucks then going on a wall mart adventure then messing around with a little drive thru prank at taco bell 

this vlog is about me going to the sneaker convention "Sneaker Games Miami" to show case my clothing brand went really good until i dropped my camera (nikon d5300) n broke my lens ...(mad face)

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chris's latest music video ft. Vandam Bodyslam
chris's tattoo instagram : @chrisyoungtattoos
chris's music instagram : @yungcee954

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this vlog is about me suposed to be going to sneaker quest (sneaker convention) to showcase my clothing brand in port saint lucie but my car had last minute problems and the dealership was closed then my fried friend was acting a fool on snapchat then in some mysterious way my baby cuzz was born a week early 

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in this vlog me and 2 friends go to a local south florida buffalo wild wings and try to do the Blazin Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge but as you can see it didn't go to well lol watch to see some of our funny reactions i think that we had the best reactions out right now !! 

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in this vlog me and a couple friends do the bean boozled challenge i had to tap out lol this challenge freaking sucks it taste hella bad we started off by going to out local candy shop in south florida check out my friend danny wearing my clothing brand (thats love) then going to my friends house setting up my nikon d5300 and lights and started i got a disgusting flavor almost every time

this vlog is about me going to the court house to pay for a ticket  that i got parking in  a handicap spot at the skate jam event i put together 2 weeks ago then i go to the club / barnes and nobles it was the first time i went to this barnes and nobles it was in boca raton florida it was super big 2 stories with elevators and escalators found one good book then i went bowling again with a couple childhood friends then i ran into a high school friend that also makes vlogs

This video / vlog is about me and a couple of friends going to extreme action park to ride the go karts BUT we only had 3 people and nobody wanted to record the race for me ... then later on go bowling with more friends then later on we have a little unexpected photoshoot on the way there we pass some good looking christmas lights and i was sick for like the past 5-6 days sorry for lack of content

This video / vlog is about me staying up all night to finish making my new youtube banner and flyer for the sale am having over at my online store use promo code burr448 for 30% off entire purchase. then my car battery died for my infinity 07 g35 sedan so i had to go to wall mart where i also got my little cousin a bb gun for christmas but then i thought about it and i don't think my aunt and uncle will let him keep it so i go back to wall mart to return it but the customer service is closed because i came back at midnight lol then i have a littke fun at wall mart by riding the bikes and skate boards and i take a hard fall and didn't end up finding my little cousin a new christmas present and i also read made in america by sam walton the founder of wall mart then i come out to edit vlog and i come acoss a piece of info that i was referring to on episode #006 am also doing a giveaway from my clothing brand when  i reach 200 subscribers

This video / vlog is about 4hundred4orty8ieght throwing there first little skate competition in south florida all the local skaters came out and had a good time we did a limbo pole and did who can olie over the highest off the kicker and we also did best trick on box and most kick flips in a row be sure to check out my clothing brand link is down below thank you leave a like comment and subscribe

This video / vlog is about me going to the post office at 11:40 pm to drop off a package and being on hold for hours and having cloth talk with a childhood friend about him becoming a jeweler and going to target and saving money on food and still eating good (great) and at the end i bust my ass on a hover board.... lol

This video / vlog is about me edgar gonzalez getting 2 of my childhood friends ramone and corey and going on a business road trip about 4 hours away to a place called orlando , fl on no sleep and stoping at gas stations on the way there the event where i showcased my clothing brand is called sneaker games its a sneaker convention sorry about the audio quality new mic coming soon.. and lack of clips on the way back i was super super tired i was up 38 hours in total all of this was recorded on a nikon d5300

This video / vlog is on me visiting my old job with a childhood friend named matias (add him on snapchat he's lit) wearing my clothing brand eating a good ole stuffed pizza from giovanni's pizzeria & restaurant if your in south florida check them out at Address: 4703 N State Rd 7, Coral Springs, FL 33067
Phone:(954) 755-0011 skate jam got rained out.. so rescheduled for the 17th and went to my little cousin soccer game he won 5-2 or 3 lol this was recorded off my new nikon d5300 new mic and tripod coming soon .....

in this video / vlog - behind the scenes i started my day with milkshake and reading the cold hard truth book by kevin o'leary and shouting out gary vee and went to the tamarac skate park
to tell more people about my event " skate jam " then we drove to a keynote / meeting type of thing with another childhood friend named luis

on this episode we will be introducing our new team member chris and setting up the new little photoshoot studio


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